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Interview in Oblicuo Podcast
joana toro
Oct 7, 2022
Interview in Oblicuo, Podcast by the department of history of art at the University of Andes, Bogota-Colombia.

Oblicuo is a podcast in which Latin American photographers tell their stories with their own voices. Throughout five episodes, we will demonstrate how these photographers have subverted the canons in which they are usually positioned. They not only work with a medium that has been considered "minor", but they do so from a part of the world where their history has been little explored. Oblique is a project by Juanita Solano Roa, a professor at the Department of Art History at the Universidad de Los Andes.

Podcast Oblicuo. Visiones de la fotografía
Las fotógrafas latinoamericanas cuentan sus propias historias

Joana Toro

Joana Toro is a Colombian documentary photographer. working on immigration, Identity and social issues.
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