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Exhibite in Photo Festival France
joana toro
May 15, 2019
Location: France

Honored to be part in the second version of Les femmes s'exposent in Houlgete Francia with  Colombia On my Mind project.
The festival and exhibitions begins 7th June to 31 August 2019. Thanks to Béatrice Tupin Foto and her team for this opportunity.


 Joana Toro | Colombia on my mind
Joana Toro | Colombia on my mind (La Colombie en tête) Je suis née dans un pays en guerre civile, tout comme ma mère et ma grand-mère. Cette série photo est un journal de bord personnel qui donne à voir la façon dont les Colombiens vivent...

Joana Toro Documentary Photographer

Joana Toro is a Colombian documentary photographer. working on immigration, Identity and social issues.
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